Susan VanZanten is a teacher, scholar, and writer who lives in Seattle, Washington.
Some of her recent publications include:

Reading a Different Story book cover

Reading a Different Story. 

In this academic memoir, Christian literary scholar Susan VanZanten recounts how her research and teaching has shifted from American to African history, leading her to advocate for a global approach to education and scholarship. Reading a Different Story recounts her journey of reorientation and reflects on the challenges of being a Christian woman scholar.

Reading a Different Story is avaiable now and can be ordered at:

Baker Publishing Group


Direct Christian Book

Joining the Mission

Joining the Mission: A Guide for (Mainly) New College Faculty

The only introduction to the academic profession of teaching, scholarship, and service highlighting the shape of the professorial task at a “mission-driven” institution. From designing a syllabus to dealing with problem students, from working with committees to achieving a balanced life, this guidebook will help faculty across the disciplines — Art to Zoology and every subject between — understand better what it means to pursue faithfully a vocation as professor.



Photo of Susan VanZanten

Contact Susan at vanzan@spu.edu