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This page was created to update friends and family about the health of our son, Sam, at birth. We maintained it through spring 2007, for both Sam and our daughter Elise. At that point, life got busy. However, due to recent changes in Sam's health we updated the top link on the right to provide updates.

Other links to the right are older, although Sam's current health in particular is related to issues he also had at birth.

Sam's Current Health

Post-Elise Stuff

Spring 2007

Winter 2006-2007

Elise's Birth


Pre-Elise Stuff:

Sam's Christmas Pageant 2006 Pics

Sam's Summer 2006

Sam's Winter 2006

Sam's First Christmas and Birthday Party

Sam's First 10 Months:


Stats at Birth

Photo Highlights

Sam's TV Commercials


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