Leland F. Saunders


I am an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Seattle Pacific University. I’ve been at SPU since 2012.

My research interests are primarily in moral psychology, where I am interested in understanding the psychological mechanisms and processes underlying our capacity for moral judgment. I’ve published a few papers on these topics, and I’m I’m currently working on several more. When they are in sufficient shape I’ll put them on my research page

For information about my teaching, please visit my teaching page.

I also very much enjoy discussing the moral dimensions of post-apocalyptic fiction, especially those involving zombies, pandemics, or cylons. 


A little about me...

Last Updated: July 1, 2013

Contact Me:

Email: saundersl@spu.edu

Phone: 206-281-2038

3307 3rd Ave. W., Ste. 109
Seattle, WA 98199-1922