Web Design Assignment


Cats Academy

BUS 3544/AUTUMN 2002/Dr. Regina Schlee


Purpose: To design a web page for a business or organization. Work in small groups (2-3 students) to design a business web site. You may use FrontPage, Publisher, or any other software or programming language you wish. At a very minimum you web design should include: an introductory page with links to pages describing the company’s products/services, personnel, and travel information to Bhutan. You may also wish to include response or comment pages, as well as other pages providing information about the company, industry, or other information relevant to the target market.

The key is to identify the objective of the client and to use the same principles we considered in design of print ads. The web page has to provide the necessary information in a manner than is easy and rewarding to the reader/viewer. Start out by designing what should be in the first page – the home page. Then built a set of linkages to provide the remaining information.

Before you construct your pages map out the navigational structure of your web. Then proceed to fill the pages with the needed information and images. Keep the pages short so that they load quickly. Simple designs that are easy to read and navigate are best. Stay with a consistent color scheme. Minimize the use of different fonts and animations.

Your pages will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

a. Does the information on the home page attract people in the target market?

b. Does it present the image you want to portray? Is your web attractive from a design standpoint?

c. Do the support pages provide enough information about the company and the company’s products/services?

d. Is there a way for the targeted customer to reach the company and request additional information?

e. Is there a way for the targeted customer to provide comments?

f. Does the site reward the customer by providing useful and interesting information?

g. Does the site provide the customer with a reason to visit again?

You can access web design information from IBM at:


Additional sites that provide useful information or graphics:






Microsoft clip art:


Instructions for using Front Page:


Instructions on how to get your personal web space on one of SPU’s servers: