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Melani Plett, Ph.D.



Dept. of Engineering and Computer Science

Seattle Pacific University, Suite 307

3307 3rd Avenue West

Seattle, WA  98119-1957


(206) 281-2444

OMH 208




Research Interests:  non-stationary signal processing, ultrasound, engineering education, women engineers engineering identity, persistence in engineering


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Suggested links and readings on Engineering (technology and business) and Christianity


The Christian Engineering Society:


*** Note that we have an upcoming conference that will be held at SPU this June 17-19, 2015.



From the Garden to the City, by John Dyer


Why Business Matters to God, by Jeff Van Duzer  (ok, so this book is about business, but most engineers work in businesses.  And nearly all of this book applies to those engineers.  Most places with the book, the term ‘business’ can be substituted with ‘engineering’.) 


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Signals and Systems Links




·        Continuous convolution demonstration


·        Various demonstrations



Control Systems Links


·       Excellent Motor Tutorials


·      Coulomb friction description


·      Optical encoders in a computer mouse


·      Determining direction from optical encoders


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My dissertation



My dissertation in PDF format (2 M).

Completed in March, 2000 at the University of Washington


Ultrasonic Arterial Vibrometry With Wavelet Based Detection and Estimation





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