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Namibian Soundscapes: Music of the People and the Land
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Namibian Soundscapes: Music of the People and the Land
This book includes interviews and photographs of contemporary Namibian musicians capturing the moving narratives of these musicians lives and work. The color photographs of the the musicians and the landscape contribute to the documentation of the cultural heritage of Namibia.

The book has been re-published and has a new cover and is less expensive ($25 US). It is now available on, print and e-book, and Amazon Kindle.

The book is also available from Trafford Publishing (2013)


Keeping the Embers Alive book cover
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Book published in March, 2008, “Keeping the Embers Alive: Musicians of Zimbabwe.”
Includes interviews with thirteen Zimbabwean musicians, photographs by Kristin Capp and drawings by Teri Capp. Published by Africa World Press & The Red Sea Press; softcover, 126 pp., 9”x 10” ISBN: 1-59221-430-4. $24.95 U.S.
These are the personal stories of Zimbabwean popular musicians, mbira players, guitarists, percussionists, dancers, “praise poets,” jazz musicians, and an ethnomusicologist. The two themes are keeping the traditional music alive, and the importance of improvisation.

Dandemutande: A Resource for Zimbabwean Music Worldwide (click here)

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Photo by Kristin Capp
Photograph by Kristin Capp ©2009