photo of Myrna Capp
Photograph by Kristin Capp ©2009
usic has a unique role in the arts and in culture. It speaks to the emotions and the intellect differently than the visual, dance and theater arts. Every human being should have the opportunity to experience music in whatever way he/she chooses. Music is not for the elite only. As a music teacher, my goal is to help each student reach his/her full potential. I encourage my students to learn a wide variety of piano literature, including music by composers from non-Western cultures.

As a classical, performing musician, I am an improviser, and include improvisation in my teaching and performing.

With strong interest in the music of Africa, I believe the preservation of traditional indigenous music in Africa is vitally important. I have emphasized this in my research in African music. I believe that music is for everyone.

I am prepared to offer the following:


“Classical Piano Teachers Can Learn to Improvise”
“Psychological Issues in Piano Instruction”

Book Presentation:

“Keeping the Embers Alive: Musicians of Zimbabwe;” Book presentation with powerpoint images and commentary (Myrna Capp and Kristin Capp, photographer)

Performance: Piano music by African and African American composers: Pradel, El-Dabh, and others, with African-American Spiritual Improvisations by Myrna Capp.