Understanding and Applying Research Design cover

Understanding and Applying Research Design, 2012 Wiley Publishers.

Understanding and Applying Research Design, (Martin Lee Abbott and Jennifer L. McKinney) provides a fresh approach to integrating design and statistics incorporating the power of SPSS® to solve real-world problems. Along with a more directed approach to research, this book utilizes live data to give students the ability to do hands-on application. Our intent is to connect direct application of statistical learning exercises with major topics by using databases from our research and a variety of other social science sources (e.g., GSS). One of the key features of this book is to introduce students to the nature and challenge of using actual data in designing and carrying out research studies.

Understanding Educational Statistics book cover

Understanding Educational Statistics, 2011 Wiley Publishers.

Utilizing the latest software, this book presents the essential statistical procedures for drawing valuable results from data in the social sciences. Understanding Educational Statistics Using Microsoft Excel and SPSS supplies a seamless presentation that identifies valuable connections between statistical applications and research design. Class-tested to ensure an accessible presentation, the book combines clear, step-by-step explanations and the use of software packages that are accessible to both the novice and professional alike to present the fundamental statistical practices for organizing, understanding, and drawing conclusions from educational research data.

The Program Evaluation Prism book cover

The Program Evaluation Prism, 2010, Wiley Publishers.

Like light shining on a prism, the power of statistics can reveal hidden patterns in data. The Program Evaluation Prism provides a thorough guide to the use of regression and correlation methods for formulating questions and dissecting data in order to achieve effective problem solving in evaluation research.


The Math Wars book cover

Winning the Math Wars, 2010, University of Washington Press.

This collaborative work with three colleagues addresses the history, development, and current state of math education. We stress that meaningful math education is not just a matter of the teaching approach, the curriculum, or assessment, but rather a comprehensive effort to support teachers in developing critical tools and knowledge.  (Winner of a Jacket and Cover design award from the Association of American University Presses)

Books in Progress

Caine’s Treasure (forthcoming)

The shotgun execution of my childhood friend inspired this book, which I wrote in the vein of the classic, To Kill a Mockingbird. In Caine’s Treasure, two childhood friends solve a century-old gold rush mystery in Northern California as a human trafficking ring targets them for uncovering evidence of crimes against children. The boys elude the predators as they navigate the poverty and violence of a racist town. In doing so, they discover that treasure greater than gold lies in the strength and support of their family and trusted mentors.