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Message from: "Cecille Knapp"

Hi Knapp Family! Congrats on your new baby! You don't know me, but I am a Knapp too! From the faraway island of the Philippines. Just wanted to say "Hi!" and send my regards. God bless you all! Pinky (as everyone knows me) or Cec (my college nickname)

Message from: "Jeff Knapp"

"$50 bucks if you two hit the numbers I posted!


Message from: "Timothy"

"Dear baby knapp,

 welcome to the isn't what you thought it would be like is it?

 bet you wish you could turn back time eh?  well we will try to protect you from all subtle and not so subtle influences that will make life any more difficult than it already is.

 here are a few things that I think will help you start your journey just right.  some of them you won't understand yet.  but you will.  trust me, you will.

 rule number one:  orange juice does not inhance the flavor of captain crunch with crunch berries.  trust me on this one.

 rule number two: the best way to get everyone's attention is to aim for the floor.  food looks much better on the floor.  studies show that by aiming for the floor with various objects intended for consumption, your motor skills will develop much faster. so will your mother's.

 rule number three:  whatever antics that cat has done you can do better.  be creative. let yourself go.

 rule number four:  when you are being babysat by your uncle tim, visualize valium. a happy baby is a quiet baby.

 rule number five:  grandma anderson loves to change diapers.  give her plenty of opportunities to fine tune her speed and dexterity.  this is another wonderful time to work on those ever important motor skills. kicking can be very helpful to the changing environment...

 rule number six: grandpa anderson has a nasty habit of driving while sleeping.  you can help him stay alert by screaming as loud as you can on any car trips.

 rule number seven: the darkness is very boring. you are alive.  celebrate! on those long silent nights  experiment with the human voice.  See if you can wake God.

 rule number eight: the best place in toys r us is the hot wheels aisle.  be a trendsetter and embrace gender diversity role modeling for your peers.  you will find uncle tim there to direct you to all things happy and hot wheels.  play your cards right and you will have a 4x4 barbie jeep by the time you are three.

 rule number nine: kitty does not want to take a bath with you. ever.

 rule number ten:  change.  expect change.  every day.  every minute.  it starts with diapers.  and it just keeps going.

 with much love,

 Uncle Tim "

Message from: "Kay White"

"I am very excited for Baby Knapp to arrive. It has been very fun to be with Kelli during this pregnancy, and I can't wait to meet God's gift to you. It will be very fun to hold her and watch her grow, and I know you will both be great parents!"

Message from: "Maria Apostolou"

"Dear Kelli & Tracy,

I wish you both the best of luck with the new start of your family. It's been a great experience to see Kelli (especially) transition from her role of wife to soon-to-be mother. Kelli, I know you will be great mom! My prayers are with you during the worst (and I mean most painful) transition.


Maria "

Message from: "Annette"

 "Dearest Kelcy. You are such a special blessing to your mom and dad and we are all so happy that you have finally arrived. You are a wonderful angel and I look forward to getting to know you. "


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