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Course Overview

The intent of this course is to introduce students to the essential ingredients of web site design for the internet. Students will develop skills within a conceptual framework that will allow them to create web sites that are responsive to specific needs. Students will utilize their understanding of compositional unity and use the organizing principals of design to create a unified site.

Students will be given an overview of the software Adobe Dreamweaver CS4™ and other media tools. Discourse throughout the quarter will review authoring, user interface, navigation, content development, user experience, visual application and typographic theories.

Course Objective

he objective of this course is to develop an understanding, articulation, and visual sensitivity specific to interactive media design. At the end of this course the student will be able to:
> Develop a sensitivity to linear vs non linear narrative.
> Create appropriate information architecture for web design.
> Work with the elements and principles of design to create targeted web sites.
> Acquire a firm conceptual understanding of the mechanical process of creating a web site.
> Utilize the mechanical process of creating web sites and intentionally ordering design elements to effectively communicate with the user/viewer.
> Critically analyze existing web sites according to style, organization, purpose, and
visual intent.
> Import and incorporate work from other computer programs in the development of a web site.
> Analyze appropriate tools, styles, and design choices for the content of a site.

Course Projects and Evaluation

This course will be evaluated and broken into six parts: attendance; participation, lectures and critiques; course readings and quizzes; web story; web audit and posted analysis; and design, production and posting of non-profit website.

Regular attendance is expected and required. You are expected to notify the professor regarding an illness or family emergency prior to an absence. More than two unexcused absences or late attendances will lower your grade one increment for example (A to A-). More than two missed/late homework assignments will lower your grade one increment (A to A-). Critique participation is expected. At the end of the quarter students must submit an email confirmation of online banner evaluation for complete credit. (10%)

Required Texts: The Elements of User Experience, by Jesse James Garrett. Required weekly readings, quizzes and discussions. (15%)

Web Audit and Analysis: Choose seven different websites related to assigned industries and complete an analysis of each site. Post results to student server space. (10%)

Web Story: Student will chose a classic narrative and rearrange it’s progression based on a non-linear narrative and user interaction. This arrangement will be coded into website and posted online. (15%)

Non Profit Website: Stages of site development include: selecting, interviewing agency, design brief, site map, content development, visual language boards, user-testing and site coding and posting to student server space. (50%)


Posting Your Site

Web Story Example

HTML Handout (pdf)

CSS Resource Page

Code for Firefox–(placed in the head tag) img {border:0;}

HTML Source Code (tutorials)

Center Page Code with IFrame

CSS- style sheet code example


Dreamweaver MX

Flash MX


Creating Page Template

Center Page Tutorial for AP Div Layers

Spry Page/Effects

Make SlideShow in Dreamweaver

Adobe TV

Adobe Dreamweaver Support

Creating a New Site


CSS (cascading style sheets)

CSS Information


CSS Zen Garden

Pop-Up Menus

You Tube "Coding"

Flash Tutorials

Flash Page

Creating a Slide Show

Adobe Flash Tutorial




Online Magazines





how design




Design Resources


Commarts Web Picks

Don't Click It


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Professor: Karen Gutowsky