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History of Graphic Design/Illustration


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Megg's History of Graphic Design

Graphic Design, Referenced



Course Lecture References

Sumerian Writing
About Uruk
Scribing Torah Today
Dead Sea Scrolls (ignore advertising)
Insular Art
Printing on Gutenberg Press
Typecast at Gutenberg Museum
Cutting Metal Type
French Style Mode
Antwerp Printing and Type Museum
Bodoni, Manual of Tipografico, 1818
Naming of Type Sizes
Cutting Wood Type
Crystal Palace Exhibition, 1851
London Underground Graphics
American War Posters
Russian Constructivists
French Site, but Great Contsructivists Posters
Essay on the History of the Bauhaus
Art Net Bauhaus History
Jan Tschischold Penguin Journey
About Jan Tschichold
Porfoio of Laszlo Moholy-Nagy
Photographer Irving Penn
Posters from the WPA
CCA ads of the 40's
Portfolio of Alexey Brodovitch
Richard Lohse
Josef Muller-Brockman
Resource for Swiss Graphic Design
Web Poster Exhibition Odermatt & Tissi
Paul Rand
Film Trailer "Man with the Golden Arm"
Saul Bass
Historical Magazine Covers
Tribute to Herb Lubalin
George Lois
Herbert Matter New Haven Logo
Lester Beall
Chermayeff & Geismar Associates
Corporate Design of Geigy
Vignelli Associates
Polish Posters
Jan Lenica - Animated Film Labyrinth pt 1
Jan Lenica - Animated Film Labyrinth pt 2
Push Pin (Today)
Milton Glaser
Woody Pirtle Design
Studio Dumbar
Steff Geissbuhler
April Greiman
Willi Kunz
Michael Vanderbyl
Loise Fili
Carin Goldberg
Charles Anderson Design
John Hersey
Philipe Apeloig
Chaz Maviyane-Davies
Imaginary Forces
Spiderman 3 Title Sequence-Kyle Cooper
Hampus Jageland
Richard Hollis
Emily Forgot
Karel Martens | Printed Matters, Inc.
Shepard Fairey Paints (video)
Shepard Fairey
Johathan Ive
Frank Gehry (video)
Marian Bantjes
Apps Helvetica vs Arial



Course Resources

History of Graphic Design Website

Design History Blog

Owl Droppings History of Graphic Design Site

Journal of Design History

Article "Toward the History of Graphic Design"

Victor Margolin Web Page

History of Design Timeline 1900-1995 (UW)

Timeline 15,000 BC-1900

Timeline 1900-1990

Biblical Timeline

Middle East History 3500 BC - 500 AD

Geneology of the Sons of Noah

Timeline Index

Timeline 1500-1600

Nuremberg Chronicle

Typographic Timeline 1400-1900

Type Blog

Brief History of Printing

Typography Resource

100 years of Illustration and Design

Bauhaus History and Today

Artist Packs for IPad

140 years of Harper's Bazaar Covers

RIT Graphic Design Archive

Art Directors Hall of Fame

Neurath Universal Symbols

Writing Resources

The Chicago Manual of Style Online

The Everyday Writer

Seattle Pacific University
Instructor Karen Gutowsky