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Welcome to my personal page at Seattle Pacific University, where I have been teaching Spanish and Spanish literature since 2001. This beautiful page isn’t my creation – it is the handiwork of Mr. Dominic Williamsen, who, in designing it, tuned in to my interests, hobbies and my academic specialization in Spanish Golden Age and Colonial Latin American literature. In addition to teaching Spanish, I use it as a technical translator, certified by the American Translators Association (ATA) for translation from English to Spanish, as well as in other consulting work to various types of international enterprizes, website localization and so forth. I invite you to explore the links on this page to many valuable resources for using, enjoying and studying Spanish and the Spanish-speaking world. Keep coming back, because I plan to continually improve it. If you have suggestions, e-mail me, kamiki@spu.edu.

In the past year, I've published three books with McGraw-Hill that will be of interest and great value to the students of Spanish. These books address three of the most troublesome areas for English speakers studying Spanish: The Subjunctive, The Pronoun System and Past Tenses. In June, 2009, after examining copies of each of my books, Bellevue Christian’s Spanish faculty contacted me to tell me they have decided to adopt all three of them for their Spanish program for grades 9-12, as well as their Advanced Placement classes – for the added value these books place on independent grammar review.

About the same time, an immersion program in Veracruz, Mexico credited my subjunctive book with motivating them to revise their curriculum with regard to that topic. The Director himself informed me they also are examining the other two books to see how they might use them to improve other aspects of their curriculum.

As the last example shows, these three books are perfect for overseas programs. Ms. Roxana Soto, a Peruvian who teaches at Shoreline Christian pointed out, native speakers of Spanish often find it difficult to effectively and concisely explain Spanish grammar and morphology to English speakers.

If you would like to discuss my books or other pedagogical issues, I would welcome the opportunity to discuss them with me. Just give me a call: 206 281 2985 or drop me an e-mail at kamiki@spu.edu.

Finally, since I am a professor of Spanish Golden Age Drama & Poetry, I invite you to explore a website I helped create some years ago with Dr. Fred Jehle at Purdue. It contains my calligraphic rendition – and my own recording of the famous poem by Luis de Góngora y Argote – La fábula de Polifemo y Galatea (1613).