JoAnn Atwell-Scrivner
Courses I teach
PES 1175
  • Fencing

PES 1185

  • Badminton/Pickleball

PES 2550

  • First Aid/Safety and Sport Injury Management

PES 2555

  • Community Health

PES 4899 Fall

PES 4899 Winter

  • Contemporary Issues in Health and Fitness (Capstone)

PES 6703

  • Contemporary Issues in Health and Fitness

PES 6803

  • Health Promotion


Welcome to my Web site!

This website is designed to provide the user with student course information, pertinent links for classes, some of my special interests and feedback opportunities.  


Favorite Links

This site has a great deal of information about HIVAIDS resources and education.

This site provides information on fencing equipment and many links to the fencing world.

This site is the World Health Organization and it has a video about two young girls that lead very different lives.


LEAP - basic health issues




Favorite places