John Z. Hossler, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Seattle Pacific University


Office: Otto Miller Hall 243

Office Hours: MWF 9:00am—10:00am; TR 3:10pm—4:00pm; by appointment; or just drop in

Office Phone: 281-2957


Spring 2014 Courses:

                MAT 0144 – College Readiness Math I (CRN 45532)

                                TR, 9:00 a.m. — 10:20 a.m., OMH 222

                MAT 1235 – Calculus II (CRN 44612)

                                MTWRF, 2:00 p.m. — 2:50 p.m., OMH 244

MAT/EGR 2200 – Engineering Prob & Stats (CRN 45536/44256)

                                MWF, 12:30 p.m. — 1:20 p.m., OMH 244

Please use the link(s) above to access specific course web pages.

Winter 2014 Courses:
                MAT 1234 – Calculus I (CRN 26042); MAT 2360 – Intro to Stats for Sciences (CRN 28483)
Autumn 2013 Courses:
                MAT 0144 – College Readiness Math (CRN 8433); MAT 1236 – Calculus III (CRN 7625); MAT 2360 – Intro to Stats for Sciences (CRN 9896); MAT 3100 – Introduction to Proof (CRN 9681)
Summer 2013 Courses:
                MAT 1360 – Introduction to Statistics (CRN 60017)
Spring 2013 Courses:
                MAT 1235 – Calculus II (CRN 44612); MAT 1360 – Introduction to Statistics (CRNs 40073 and 43986)
Winter 2013 Courses:
                MAT 1234 – Calculus I (CRN 26042); MAT 1360 – Introduction to Statistics (CRN 28057)
Autumn 2012 Courses:
                MAT 1360 – Introduction to Statistics (CRN 9391); MAT 2700 – Statistics for Business & Econ (CRN 3928)


About me:

                I am an Assistant Professor in the Mathematics Department at Seattle Pacific University, where I’ve been since 2012.  My academic and research focus is in Statistics, but I remain at heart a general mathematician, enjoying math for both the sake of its beauty and applicability.  I received my undergraduate degree from George Fox University and my graduate degrees from The University of Montana.

                My wife (Jenny) and I love the outdoors, reveling in the beauty God has placed all around us.  Together with our daughters—that’s right, two daughters now!— we would enjoy hiking, biking, walking, swimming, camping, and going to places like the beach, the mountains, the zoo, or local parks.  However, having two young daughters takes so much time that we are usually limited to parks, the zoo, and projects around the house.  We also enjoy watching movies at home or catching up on TV shows on DVD.  God never ceases to bless us!  We thank Him for our wonderful, growing family.

                Please feel free to stop by during my office hours with questions/concerns or just to chat.  And if it’s not during my scheduled office hours, just make an appointment or come in if the door is open.  (Schedule)


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                SPU home page                                Mathematics Department website and Tutoring Schedule

                Super cool video on visual statistics (Link)

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