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Looking for practicing suggestions? Tips for success? Lesson Information?

Please check out the following resources:


Sandy’s Guide to Woodshedding

The PDF file available below offers practicing suggestions to help make those difficult passages sound easy!

More details...click here to download (PDF)


Private Lesson Guidelines & Expectations

If you are interested in private lessons (either at SPU or at my home studio on the Eastside) please read the Private Lesson Expectations file below.

More details...click here for Lesson Expectations PDF


Flute Studio Calendar & other forms

Attached are forms my students need to complete and a calendar of flute activities for my home studio students.


Adjudicator & Freelance Musician

In addition to my love of teaching all things flute—I enjoy adjudicating, coaching flute ensembles, and performing a wide variety of solo, orchestral and chamber music!

Please contact me for more information