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Seattle Pacific University

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Greetings from Seattle!

Just a brief introduction... I have been teaching at Seattle Pacific since 1992. The experiences have been wonderful. I am blessed to have wonderful students and fine colleagues here at school.
Previous experiences as a choral director include:
     The University of North Alabama
     University of Oregon (as grad assistant)
     West Albany High School (OR)
     Clarkston High School (WA)
     Shaw Junior High School (WA)

I've also had the privilege to direct choirs at a number of churches:
     Berean Bible Church (MI)
     Messiah Lutheran Church (WA)
     Federated Presbyterian Church (ID)
     Albany United Methodist Church (OR)
     Shefield Presbyterian Church (AL)
     First Covenant Church (WA)

I enjoy the great experiences gained by my association with choral music. Through these experiences, I have had the privilege to know many other directors across the country. You can click here to glimpse at one such experience.

To see more of what is happening here at SPU, a link to the Choir Pages is here:  SPU Choral Pages!
There you will find much information about these organizations on the SPU campus.

On the personal side, I'd like to introduce you to my family.

I was married in 1981 and enjoy a wonderful life with a wonderful person.  My wife Shari is also a music professional, teaching elementary music in the Shoreline School District.

I have three wonderful boys- Jonathan, James and Julian.  Jonathan was born in 1984, James in 1989 and Julian in 1994.  You can do the math...

Here are some pictures of them:

The Fam

The Boys camping

I hope to put more on this page at a future time.  In the meantime, please browse the  Seattle Pacific University  website!