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Digital Homo Economicus

All economic theories are built on presumptions about human nature. What happens when our understanding of human nature goes digital?  What happens to our ideas about the integrity of economic behavior when human nature becomes reinterpreted through the lens of the new digital society?

Biology, ethics and economics are converging at this intersection and are pointing toward a new digitized version of human behavior and ethics. Our ability to analyze biological data, to unravel the genome and study the brain through chemistry and physics poses the possibility of digitizing the famous thesis that human behavior can be interpreted in terms of an idealized Homo Economicus, or “Economic Man”.

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book review:


by Marilynne Robinson. New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux (2012).

Robinson’s new book has been categorized as biography, yet that rubric fails to describe the genre of her exquisite writing. In this collection of ten essays the Pulitzer Prize winner explores the intuitions of her soul—an erudite and cultured “writerly soul” from hard-scrabble Idaho, she quotes Cicero and Calvin, and extols solitude as the writer’s terroire.  With theologically astute musing she admires the beauty of “The Human Spirit and the Good Society”, as one essay is titled. She inspires us to cherish and protect faith as the lifeblood of virtue in her topics: culture, democracy, capitalism, education and the soul.


by bruce baker & eric wilson

Capitalism 4.0

Anatole Kaletsky sets out to describe for us the “the fourth systemic transformation of capitalism”.

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